424: Alfred With Nunchucks (and Other Rounds of Lightning)

It’s time for another LIGHTNING ROUND! Featuring multiple concise but electric mini-segments! No attention span required! Kyle challenges us to pit randomly-selected comic characters against each other in battle with weapons, in a completely original segment we’re calling, uh, SUPAR… Continue Reading


416: Cucking Azazel

 Happy January the 10th! This week, we’re talking about what we want in the world of comics this year. They aren’t big asks! We simply request that maybe the Big Two don’t turn everything into an event, tell smaller,… Continue Reading


195: It’s Just You Guys and Bill Sienkiewicz and that Duck that Cosplays

On this week’s very special episode of Zero Issues Comic podcast, the boys discuss the creative side of making comics: the trials, the tribulations, the pitfalls, the struggles…. and the fun stuff too. They delve into the how and why… Continue Reading


194: It Takes a Papa Smurf to Build a Village

Ryan Mackett, the TBay Movie Guy, joins us once again! In honour of Father’s Day, we celebrate all the best dads and father figures in comics – your Uncle Bens, your Pa Kents, and all the other Dads and Honourary… Continue Reading


Episode 5: She’s Like Hal Jordan, But I Like Her

Remember when your favourite comic character was someone else entirely? The boys talk about their favourite and least-favourite replacement superheroes! Also: Bry really hates Hal Jordan, Merk remembers the time he met Nightcrawler, and after his death last episode, Kyle… Continue Reading