255: I Want to see Mike Mignola Draw Hank Hill

It’s creator spotlight time as the boys discuss Hellboy creator and inky wizard, Mike Mignola! From his early days with Marvel (until he dropped an upper decker in Jim Shooter’s toilet….. that story is unconfirmed) to his awesome pandemic instagram paintings, and lots of stuff in between, we gush with admiration at both his abilities and his choices never to draw cars. All this and lots of news-New Mutants? What are the reactions? Marvel Voices! A new Spider Man title coming! Jason Statham, the grimy Austin Powers! Plus Kyle runs a Hellboy themed game of MFK (Merry, Fraser, Christmas….. or something like that). It’s time for MIGNOLA, MIGNOLA, MIGNOLA!!! Direct Download: MP3


253: Peril at Castle Snyder

We really meant for this episode to be all about Mike Mignola, we did! But then Bry and Kyle were told of a secret screening of the Snyder Cut that was happening out at a private country estate, and… no wait, that’s the Chooses the Doozes story/game that Merk puts his cohosts in this week! What mysteries will BryKy oncover? What traps has Merk laid in waiting for them? What is Gal Gadot’s speaking voice? All that and also some news, this week!

Direct Download: MP3