348: Don’t Quote Me on this Podcast that’s Recorded and Released Online

The Zero Issues July Vacation Classic Spectacular comes to a close! As the boys try to remember how they got to the blue side of the Moon, enjoy what may be the most classic “classic” of all:

We’re baaaaaaack! And we’ve got all the latest and greatest news from SDCC!

*checks watch*

*checks calendar*


Well, we’re still back, and we are still our very charming selves. VERY charming.

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Episode 8: They Just Made It Up!

Comics into movies? More like movies into comics! This week, we’re checking out adaptations, THE OTHER WAY! Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Mario, Game of Thrones, and the eternal lack of a Lord of the Rings comics are just a taste of what’s in this episode. So stick it in your ears, Sally!


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