348: Don’t Quote Me on this Podcast that’s Recorded and Released Online

The Zero Issues July Vacation Classic Spectacular comes to a close! As the boys try to remember how they got to the blue side of the Moon, enjoy what may be the most classic “classic” of all:

We’re baaaaaaack! And we’ve got all the latest and greatest news from SDCC!

*checks watch*

*checks calendar*


Well, we’re still back, and we are still our very charming selves. VERY charming.

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316: Celery Day Stalkslam

For thousands of years, the debate has raged: Christmas? Halloween? Which is the supreme holiday? Today we solve this decisively, once and for all, ion the typical manner of making a bunch of characters, each representing one of the two holidays, fight!

But first! We’ve got more “news” about the Ayer Cut, as well as the Diamond Distribution Hack and a new comic-based cartoon that just came out! Plus, we’re covering all of the Disney+ Day Marvel stuff in the Warmup!

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Episode 12: Street Level – Does The Kingpin have Diabetes?

We’re taking it back to the streets this week, and that means Daredevil, Moon Knight, and other characters that are vaguely reminiscent of Batman! Plus, a heartfelt plea to DC Comics to stop being bad.


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Heroes for Hire art by Nick Perks.