348: Don’t Quote Me on this Podcast that’s Recorded and Released Online

The Zero Issues July Vacation Classic Spectacular comes to a close! As the boys try to remember how they got to the blue side of the Moon, enjoy what may be the most classic “classic” of all:

We’re baaaaaaack! And we’ve got all the latest and greatest news from SDCC!

*checks watch*

*checks calendar*


Well, we’re still back, and we are still our very charming selves. VERY charming.

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299: Jim “Shooter” McGavin – A Zero Hour Tie-In

Comics: Interrupted! This week, on the brink of an anniversary episode that will *change everything forever* [not a guarantee], we look back at one of our most-hated comic trends – the invasive crossover event that disrupts your monthly titles and throws their carefully-crafted plot lines into chaos! When did we first feel the pain of the synergy-fuelled tonal shift that turned new comic-book day from joy to frustration and confusion? What were the events that made us say “NO MORE”?

Plus: next week is our 300th episode! Comment with any questions you want us to answer, any at all, and you could win in the first-ever Zero Issues Art Print Giveaway!

Come hang out until the clock hits 300! We’ve also got all kinds of comic news (Loki season two! Batman ’89 approaches! Jameela Jamil fights She-Hulk! Hasbro’s gigantic Galactus!) and explore some very real hidden easter eggs and surprises everyone else missed from Loki and Black Widow!

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