354: Keepin’ it Skreal

We got invited to D23! For real! We definitely didn’t get scammed by a fake email and then drive all the way to Hollywood, only to wind up locked outside of the Disney compound! And we’re definitely not sneaking into the party dressed in the uniforms and/or skins of waiters! And all this we do to bring you, yes YOU, all the corporate-owned mega-franchise news you can handle, because that’s what heroes do.

MCU announcements? We got ‘em! Upcoming Marvel games, and some that aren’t even mobile junk? You know it! And even some non-Disney news about Usagi Yojimbo hopping from IDW back to Dark Horse? Sure, we have that too, why wouldn’t we!? Join us on a wild Disney journey from the secret mascot-infested tunnel system all the way to Kevin Feige’s throne room / D23 stage! And discover which co-host is the jerk who spoils a show for another co-host! Intrigue!!

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