355: Sizzle War

The mutants are a-comin’! But how? How is Marvel going to fit a whole species into their already bloated slate of movies, TV shows, and other assorted bric-a-brac? That’s what we aim to figure out, this week! But first: we’ve… Continue Reading


209: Ditko Sandwiches!!

It’s Comics Cards Against Humanity time once again! We pit even more of our original questions and answers against each other in a match that isn’t safe for children, or work, or well-adjusted human minds! But first, in honour of… Continue Reading


195: It’s Just You Guys and Bill Sienkiewicz and that Duck that Cosplays

On this week’s very special episode of Zero Issues Comic podcast, the boys discuss the creative side of making comics: the trials, the tribulations, the pitfalls, the struggles…. and the fun stuff too. They delve into the how and why… Continue Reading


145: Magic Cheers

 Whoa! Do we have a show for you this week!?! Yea. We do actually. And it’s pretty magical! We’ve got tons of movie news from Gambit, New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, Rom and a bizarre bit from the Smallville files!… Continue Reading