145: Magic Cheers

Whoa! Do we have a show for you this week!?! Yea. We do actually. And it’s pretty magical! We’ve got tons of movie news from Gambit, New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, Rom and a bizarre bit from the Smallville files! Then Bry crushes us with a Thanos quiz (he coulda been a chill Titan) before we launch into our main topic of TV pitches! With the launch of Krypton (ha! Launch!) we make our own offshoot pitches. Who wants to see a sexy teen Pop Tate? Casper, pre-death? Zenn-la, pre-Galactus? Julibee 90210 (does a california mall babe love chili fries?)? Tales of the Mojoverse? Magic Cheers? And a bunch more (seriously, we’re a goldmine, Netflix. We should be showrunners). And we end with Kyle taking us through a Marvel trading card, hulky smashy smashy game! Tune in blue trelievers!

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