438: Frank Miller’s Love Chunks

This week, our city screams (not unlike a certain Robot Cop screaming for Oreos) that it wants us to talk about Frank Miller, and we, our city’s, uh, lover, are honour-bound to oblige it! What was our first exposure to… Continue Reading


363: Our Podcast With Adrian

This week on an extra-sophisticated Zero Issues! Adrian Lysenko joins us to discuss his new graphic novel “Five Stalks of Grain”! The book follows an orphaned sister and brother as they depart on a perilous odyssey during the Holodomor terror-famine… Continue Reading


247: They Weren’t Always What They Were, But They Will When They Can

 Less Mr. A, more Mr. T this week as we dive into the world of licensed comics. Everything from Kool-Aid Man to Mega Man to P…Pope John Paul II…man. And y’know, I think we learn a little something about… Continue Reading


195: It’s Just You Guys and Bill Sienkiewicz and that Duck that Cosplays

On this week’s very special episode of Zero Issues Comic podcast, the boys discuss the creative side of making comics: the trials, the tribulations, the pitfalls, the struggles…. and the fun stuff too. They delve into the how and why… Continue Reading