363: Our Podcast With Adrian

This week on an extra-sophisticated Zero Issues! Adrian Lysenko joins us to discuss his new graphic novel “Five Stalks of Grain”! The book follows an orphaned sister and brother as they depart on a perilous odyssey during the Holodomor terror-famine in 1930s Ukraine. We chat about the real history and personal family connections that inspired the story, how the art of Ivanka Theodosia Galadza portrays their horrific journey in a unique and compelling way, and how the project evolved from idea to published work over the years. Plus! Since Adrian knows his historical fiction, we also chat about the genre as a whole! From how it’s defined, to our personal favourites, and the sheer variety of genres and styles that capture a feeling of the past.

But first, some truly sad news in recent weeks: artists Kevin O’Neill and Carlos Pacheco, and beloved Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy have sadly passed on. In response we take a few moments to reflect on their incredible work and their legacies.

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