362: Cyclops in Blues Traveler

Oh boy! Lots going on this week! Here’s the briefo rundowno!
For a warm up we’re invested in bringing you the very vest… er …. best… or worst, rather, in comic costume redesigns. From Nova to Miles Morales, to the Thing, and Gambit. And Cyclops with a harmonica vest? Oh…. we go a little vest heavy. You’ve been warned.
For the main topic we each to a pitch: If Marvel were to restart today, what 5 titles would you begin with and what creative team?
We nerd out a little.
And of course the news! Between James Gunn becoming the DC Monitor, hints of Spielberg talking about a comic movie, Sandman, Agatha casting and a Wonder Man series AND casting and…. oh god…. even more.
It would be a traVESTy if you missed this.
I’m sorry.
I’ll stop.

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