419: He’s Darlene

Aqua, man! I mean Aquaman. I mean, y’know, Aquaman! My man! This week, we’re offering you four fishtastic Aquaman segments. First, we review Aquman: The Lost Kingdom, which is certainly a movie! Some of us even liked it! Kinda! Then,… Continue Reading


274: Several Issues Graphic Novel Podcast

Y’know, we as a podcast may have fallen victim to the super hero industrial complex. We used to talk about comics! This week we take a break from what’s going on in super hero books and TV shows and movies,… Continue Reading


195: It’s Just You Guys and Bill Sienkiewicz and that Duck that Cosplays

On this week’s very special episode of Zero Issues Comic podcast, the boys discuss the creative side of making comics: the trials, the tribulations, the pitfalls, the struggles…. and the fun stuff too. They delve into the how and why… Continue Reading


180: Respect My Much Larger Badge

 We’ve been bad boys this week, so what are we going to do when supercops (and super-adjacent cops) come for us? What is The Spectre’s hell, how does a lady become a cop, and just who is the man… Continue Reading