419: He’s Darlene

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
419: He's Darlene

Aqua, man! I mean Aquaman. I mean, y’know, Aquaman! My man! This week, we’re offering you four fishtastic Aquaman segments. First, we review Aquman: The Lost Kingdom, which is certainly a movie! Some of us even liked it! Kinda!

Then, we head into the Fixatorium to try and come up with new, inventive takes on Mr. Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis, friend to an octopus named Topo, the Totally Octopus Powerfully Octopus…Octopus. Do we put him in a team-up book? Do we change his origin and upbringing? Do we send him to Florida AGAIN? The answer to all of these questions is an enthusiastic yes, so, uh, spoilers?

My man!

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