387: The Chip Zdarsky Interview – Add Beards, Do Cocaine

Chip Zdarsky! We interview Chip Zdarsky! Lookit us! Talking to other people and stuff.

Chip of course is a comic writer/artist of such books as Sex Criminals, Public Domain, Kaptara, Jughead, Howard the Duck, Daredevil and that little title called Batman. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

We caught Chip on his cross Canada tour as he came through town and was gracious enough to sit down and have a relaxed, fun, hilarious conversation with us. There’s also a video of this interview as well! Listen to it, then watch it! Chip for several senses!

Watch the video version right here!

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367: A Quarter Fraggle Dinner

As the daylight hours become shorter and scarcer, we thought we would take some time this week to escape to our very exclusive chalet, and talk to you about books that have kept us warm this past year, which might be perfect for the comic book reader in your life. Come fix yourself your nog of choice, listen in on our relaxing chat, grab a slice of Fraggle, and enjoy.

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342: The Death of Torpedoman!

From the blessed content fountain known as the public domain, here we blast off in another dramatic reading of a bonkers golden-age comic! TORPEDOMAN! The man who is also a torpedo, I guess? “Ghostly Weird Stories”published by Four Star/Ajax-Farrell brings us a tale of a shirtless deep-sea diving dynamo — or maybe it’s just a flesh-coloured shirt, I don’t know what’s going on — who finds himself in murky waters when he’s ensnared in the racketeers’ net of… uh, MR. FOWLER! Listen and/or watch as our golden age hero contends with an uncanny and monstrous OCTOPUS, wait no that’s OCTUPUS, that hides a fantastic secret! All that and: The Ol’ Chili Hole!? ZOUNDS, is what somebody probably says in this comic! What, are you gonna say no to all that??

And as a bonus, this episode is also a VIDEO! Check it out below, and/or find the full comic pages on our website to read along to! So many options!



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