Newsflash: September 18, 2023

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Newsflash: September 18, 2023

Bill Willingham stuns the world — and especially DC Comics — by declaring that Fables is now in the public domain! Y’know, beyond all the parts that already were. That’s right, it’s creator vs. publisher once again, but this time the creator chose “asymmetrical warfare” (his words). We go through Willingham’s allegations toward DC, DC’s official response, Willingham’s response to the response, and the reactions from other members of the industry.

An official Buffy-verse spin-off audio drama brings back several major cast members from the show, including Charisma Carpenter, and leaves out… y’know, that guy, whatsisname. He’s not invited. And it’s co-written and -directed by cast member Amber Benson working with Christopher Golden! Whatsisname who, again? Not ringin’ a bell, capisce?

One Piece gets a second piece… of seasons? [scattered boos] But nonetheless, it’s a rare Netflix second-season renewal for a probably-expensive live-action anime adaptation! Alas, poor Cowboy Bebop could not be here to celebrate with them.

In what’s less “news” than “wholly unsubstantiated rumour”, a claim has emerged than Daniel Radcliffe will appear in Deadpool 3. Will the wildest of fan-castings become reality as the movie Weird Al becomes “Weird” Logan Yankovic!? And will he fight Liev Schreiber, who’s in the full spandex group with the giant fur collar? We are owed this!

All this, and Kyle goes full Cronus. Snack-time is snack-time. And Newsflash is Newsflash!

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