401: Tin Foil Hypnotism

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
401: Tin Foil Hypnotism

Indie Comics!!! New indie comics!!
We at Zero Issues LOVE indie stuff ( I know, I know, we talk about the big 2 a LOT) and we love indie creators and crowdfunding too!
So this week we’re chatting with Brandon Ingram who is a writer/creator with a new Kickstarter out RIGHT NOW!

Tales from Town’s City #1 from Dismay Comics!


A spinoff comic of his other creation ‘The Gallows Man’.
This dude is world building. He’ll clue us in on the amazing (and hilarious) comic universe he’s creating with his super talented creative team. We talk the joys and challenges of being a creator and doing kickstarters (this isn’t his first ride around the kickstarter rodeo). We’ll talk about his little brain baby, where things came from, what he’s done in the past and what he’s got planned for the future……

And all he had to do was hypnotize us and take over the podcast in order to get on the show! It’s just that easy!

So put yer tin foil hat on and take a listen!

Direct Download: MP3

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