342: The Death of Torpedoman!

From the blessed content fountain known as the public domain, here we blast off in another dramatic reading of a bonkers golden-age comic! TORPEDOMAN! The man who is also a torpedo, I guess? “Ghostly Weird Stories”published by Four Star/Ajax-Farrell brings us a tale of a shirtless deep-sea diving dynamo — or maybe it’s just a flesh-coloured shirt, I don’t know what’s going on — who finds himself in murky waters when he’s ensnared in the racketeers’ net of… uh, MR. FOWLER! Listen and/or watch as our golden age hero contends with an uncanny and monstrous OCTOPUS, wait no that’s OCTUPUS, that hides a fantastic secret! All that and: The Ol’ Chili Hole!? ZOUNDS, is what somebody probably says in this comic! What, are you gonna say no to all that??

And as a bonus, this episode is also a VIDEO! Check it out below, and/or find the full comic pages on our website to read along to! So many options!



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