341: See You In the Grease Pit

Welcome to the grease pit!
What does that mean? …. I’m not sure even we know…..
This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY with a look at it’s history and beginnings.
We also talk news of Spidey’s 60th anniversary, a rumbling in the Conan licensing ranks, and the CW bloodbath of cancellations.
Merk also delves into a non comic book film he discovered on the ‘flix that deserves your wide eyed, deer caught in the headlights, how did this get made sort of attention. It’s a Jean Claude Desert Heat Inferno Coyote Ugly Moon sort of evening. Make it a blockbuster night.
All that and teasing Spider-Man for fat hands, eating a whole bowl of spaghetti for Spidey and Thai Pods!
Welcome to FREE COMIC BOOK PODCAST DAY!….. which we do every week….EVERY WEEK……

An oil spill in Western Siberia (Surgut region) is found during a Greenpeace investigation tour.

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