196: Dial B for Blister

Canada Day approaches! And to celebrate we’re talking all about superheroes who exhibit the most important Canadian quality: a thin veneer of politeness! (And even that’s asking a lot of these guys, yeesh.) What characters and creators are sorry? And… Continue Reading


195: It’s Just You Guys and Bill Sienkiewicz and that Duck that Cosplays

On this week’s very special episode of Zero Issues Comic podcast, the boys discuss the creative side of making comics: the trials, the tribulations, the pitfalls, the struggles…. and the fun stuff too. They delve into the how and why… Continue Reading


194: It Takes a Papa Smurf to Build a Village

Ryan Mackett, the TBay Movie Guy, joins us once again! In honour of Father’s Day, we celebrate all the best dads and father figures in comics – your Uncle Bens, your Pa Kents, and all the other Dads and Honourary… Continue Reading