193: Keith David as Galactus – I want Keith David Wearing a Helmet

It’s a LIGHTNING ROUND episode! What does that mean? That means we have a number of quick short topics & games & shenanigans that we barrel through, and this week we do that with a returning guest, Mr Ryan Mackett, artist, movie reviewer, and lover of superman and sharks (check out his stuff here!) ! What topics & games you ask? As Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, what radioactive animal bites you, and what happens? What character would you like to write a character defining arc for ( a la Grant Morrisson X-Men)? We do a crazy round of fantasy casting actors into dream (and at times nightmare) roles in comicdom. All that and a game of 1991 Marvel Trading Cards-a card is picked and you have to argue a ridiculous viewpoint for that character, ie-Why would Wonder Man make an amazing US President? All that and a bag o’ chips, or is it just a bag o’ chips? Listen and decide, shrewd believers!

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