323: The Wizard Did It

We made it! 2022! So what do we need to talk about?

A movie from last year, of course.


Spoiler alert, we’re diving head first and full on into this jam packed jammy movie. From fan service to brick catcher man, from a bevy of villains to Sad Happy to plot holes and things that fill em…. we’re on it.
Join Daddy Bry, Future Kyle and plain ol’ Merk for ‘The Wizard Did It!’
….. because he did. 

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262: Draclactus OR GaDractus OR Galacula

Boo! Boooooooooo! Boooooo!

This week, we’re talking about monsters, and how they seem to end up in mainstream superhero books pretty dang often. Werewolf By Night, Cap Wolf, that time The Living Mummy was part of a super hero team…there’s a precedent!

But first, we cover the return of Jared Leto’s Joker, Spider-Man 3 rumours, and more in the News, and we try to debate who’s better, Dracula or Dracula, in the Warmup!


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