378: Wolverine is a Rich Little Fancy Gentleman

This week we’ve gone team-up crazy! Time for a free-wheeling discussion about the glorious tradition of Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Two-In-One, The Brave and the Bold, and all the wacky combos of the biggest, the weirdest, and the downright obscure! What are our favourite team-up stories, the ones we never want to see again, ones we should take another look at, and ones we would love to see! All that and why The Thing is the best Marvel team-up star, and an off-the-cuff audio history of “Marvel Two-In-One”, why not! Including yet another heartfelt pitch for an ongoing Lockjaw team-up book, MARVEL. And then another one for a monthly Wolverine X-People-Only team-up book! MARVEL!!

But first, in a rapid-fire Character Storm, we create three soon-to-be classics: The Cramp, Modern Man, and Costume Hoodie! One’s a dance! (That one’s The Cramp!)

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