Newsflash: March 13, 2023

GETCHA HULK CHUNKS! Three newsboys dig into the biggest comic news of exactly this moment! It’s new creative teams and number-ones galore as the allure of that big #1 looms large. Very soon, Wonder Woman and The Flash get big #800 anniversary issues followed by new #1 issues and wild new directions.

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s 5-year Daredevil epic comes to a close as Chip hits the road across Canada – and maybe to a comic shop near you, if you live in Canada, and we do! The Hulk stops being a… spaceship?… and gets back to his roots as a big green monster man — and just in time for some manner of monster war! In the land of moving pictures, Batman: Caped Crusader lives on with a two-season Amazon Prime deal!

Hey wait, you forgot a number one! Steel (John Henry) and Steel (Natasha) return in Steelworks #1, written by none other than Michael Dorn, the voice of Steel in the ‘90s cartoon, and, y’know, Worf. So hot right now. You don’t see Shaq getting invited, do you? And speaking of not being invited: after getting Typhoid Married, Wilson “Big Willie” “The Kingpin” Fisk has found a loophole granting him a permanent Krakoan Honeymoon! Oh my, just imagine the zany misadventures to come every week at the Blob’s bar.

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