379: Tawky Tawny Taking Off all his Clothes to Feed his Kids

SHAZAM!! With the wisdom of Solomon (your cousin Sol, y’know, the guy who was decided to not wear pants to the last family event) we elect to celebrate the new Shazam film by having a Shazam themed LIGHTNING ROUND!! KRAKAKOOOM! You’ll hear such things as- Bry-Is one of them a monkey? There’s always a monkey. – Kyle thinks sign language is a super power – Do the squinty eyes stay or go? Decide – Solely Holy Moly – Is the Family Circus an origin story for Billy Batson? – Helen Mirren’s twisted fingers! – Kyle is the Marvel whisperer…. and he is! – That and SO MUCH MORE! With the wisdom of a hologram and the strength of a platypus, you will listen to this pod!

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