197: Raising Cable

This week the boys take it on the road! …. or at least talk about comic characters taking it on the road. With Spidey: Far from Home coming out they discuss heroes out & about, traveling the world! And it’s interesting how many times Spider-Man has gone international…. and killed people! Seriously! JJJ was right! He’s a menace!! We also go over Peter’s bizarre multi city trip to Canada on the Bugle’s dime (JJJ was just trying to get rid of that psychopath!) Hear about the Chameleon bribing kids with drugs for their science notes and the tale of the RIGHT RIDERS (Brett Butte & all)! Which character would you take to Mardi Gras? Find out why Kyle would take Hawkman and why he seems to think all international festivals revolve around the throwing of beads. All this plus the DC Vertigo ‘thang’ and why Netflix won’t be dropping Good Omens anytime soon.  Seriously, this is a good one. Join us for a little trip… 

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