198: Mama Momoa!

We spent a couple episodes talking about Canada, so since the 4th of the July like just happened, so what better way to celebrate than listen to three Canadian dorks talk about made-up American cities!? Most superheroes tend to hang out around New York, so instead we’re gonna take a look at the rest of the USA… which we’re mostly familiar with through comics. Central City is a real place, right? What superheroes are protecting the Midwest? Montana? Uh… Delaware? And can you remember who served in the 50 State Initiative? Because Kyle’s got a quiz for ya!

But first: Never-ending MCU easter eggs we’ll never find! “Far From Home” theories that we got way wrong! Danny DeVito as Spider-Ham! The Abrams Family Spider-Man project! And a “Read This Now” about the entire Wonder Comics line! And the greatest Superman villain of all: TERRA-MAN!

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