199: Giant Watcher Baby Head

Take this podcast to the moon! To, uh, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, we’re talking all about the moon in comics! Who’s lived there! Who’s the moon god’s avatar! Who took a rock from the moon and then turned into a werewolf sometimes, for reasons! And what would be the reality of writing your name on the moon, anyway? It’s lunar madness, we tell ya!

But that’s not all! We tackle the “end” of Mad Magazine, Paper Girls being adapted for TV, the rebirth of Hellblazer, art swiping allegations against Arthur Suydam (and the great “homage vs. stealing” debate), the continuing controversy around police using the Punisher symbol, and then we perform a dramatic reading of a Fletcher Hanks… classic. All that, AND a poem!? Wow, this episode is as big as the moon!

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