237: “Hawkman is His Safeword” or: “Daddy, I Want a Hawk!”

KAWW! This week we’re aiming to “fix” another under-appreciated or maligned character… this time, the Hecka Hard-to-follow Hawkman! Carter and/or Katar Hall is mostly famous for an extremely convoluted (even for comics) backstory and continuity. So we aim to do the impossible: pitch a Hawkman story that sells him as a character! What is the core appeal of Hawkman? What would he be without the wings? And what about him makes DC reboot-proof?

But first, we talk about some recent developments! DC is pushing ahead with a new distributor: is this good news to break the distribution monopoly or does it put shops in a bad position? The pandemic shutdown puts publishers in the pinch. A new Heavy Metal imprint goes… viral? And we talk about the recent miniseries “Superman Smashes the Klan”!

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Episode 20: Game Changers – Batman is a Series of Circles

This week, we’re tackling game changers, with very little prep! Hopefully it doesn’t show! Those things that have come, seemingly out of nowhere, and changed the comic book industry. Grim ‘n gritty re-imaginings, non big-two comic publishers, the balance of art and writing (it was a little off in the ’90s, y’know), and the whiplash effect of what happens after Grant Morrisson leaves a book.

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Outro Music: Ocean City Defender – The Nature of Things