309: The New Fifty-Zero

The New 52 debuted 10 years ago – more like the OLD 52, am I right?? – so it’s time to take a look back on its impact, its legacy, its highs and lows, what can be learned from it, why it was better than we often give it credit for, and… what’s thiiiis? TWO quizzes worth of trivia!? All that and so much more – so join us in a New 52 retrospective that will (among other things) reveal the chilling secret of S&M Solomon Grundy!!

But first! We react to the new Sandman trailer! We discuss the duelling copyright ownership lawsuit(s) between Marvel creators vs. Marvel the company! And after the mind-blowing revelation that Chris Pratt will play Mario, we cast classic video game characters (and recast Mario) among the famous MCU actors! Who will be Ms. Pac Man? WHO!?

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