170: The Hypno Hustler Halloween Special

It’s that time of year so break out yer spooky face and join us for the Hypno Hustler Halloween Special! Find out about a (not) possible Deadman show with Scott Bakula & Jennifer Love Hewitt! Learn how to get Morgan Freeman to play a ghost! Find out if Gentleman Ghost is an ol’ timey racist! Hear the pitch for the newest Netflix Archie like show with everyone’s favourite dead kid! Plus… Crossed! Howling Commandos!Woody Allen as Carnage! All purpose killing people guy! Sabrina! Gritty, street level Trigon! Macho Wolf Man! And really soooo much more…. including not one but 2 ridiculous songs! And one’s about Bry in the tub… no…. wait… come back…..it’s a bubble bath….  

Direct Download: MP3

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