169 : She’s got her $#!% Together and he’s got his $#!% in a Box at his Aunt’s!

Gotta keep the status quo! Such is the mantra of many comics fans. But can it work to switch it up? Has it worked to do a big character/story shift? That’s what we talk about this week. From Nightwing Batman, to Flash Thompson Venom, to Captain Marvel, what’s worked? And which is your Spidey Quo? – lonely, ridiculous shlub, or married and a jerk? We weigh in. That plus so much more…like, birds of prey dvd collections, Bat fly jeans, Galactus Gary Busey, hood farts, someone who might have been chappy, and the almost title of this episode, ‘I’m a mob princess over here, heeeyyyyyy!’ Join us, won’t you? Please. Save us. Call for help. 

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