284: What If Wolverine Was a Toronto Raccoon?

After the marathon Snyder Cut episode of last week, how about something shorter, lighter & more fast paced? And raccoons. We got ya covered. This week the boys are all over the map exploring what else? Comics! And Worf. The Worf Effect to be more precise. The Worf Effect is when a big, bad character is used as a punching bag to make someone else seem bad ass. But then that big, bad character gets overused as a punching bag so…. they seem… well…. like Worf… with the flu. We touch on a ton of characters that get this-Doomsday, Superman, Juggernaut, Martian Manhunter, Silver Surfer, Galactus and of course, Wolverine. Then Bry tells a story of his encounter with Toronto Raccoons. It makes sense. All of this. It does. I swear. All this and Kyle has a ‘read this now’, weird star wars additions to Disney +, an Hourman movie and Ed Brubaker and his troubled relationship with the Winter Soldier. Plus, Andy Richter as the Beyonder! And find out who MURDER MAN is and WHO he MURDERED, MAN!!

Brought to you by Rose N Crantz Roasting Coffee!!

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