283: Do You Know What Happens to Darkseid When he’s Hit By Lightning?

Since the beginning, the superhero works of Zack Snyder have loomed large over this podcast. The source of debates, disagreements, and endless jokes. But now, our greatest challenge yet has arrived, and the team is united as they… watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League and talk about it for a while, I dunno! But that’s not all: Jamie “The Roastmaster” Nichols joins to help, bringing the perspective of a movie fan who doesn’t know much about the original comics! But first: What is the Mystery of Meemaw? Can you pinpoint the exact place we stopped bothering to bleep out F-words? Can you guess which one of us was secretly Martian Manhunter the whole time? Find out as you reach around into this extra-long, extra-sweary episode brought to you by RNC Coffee (promo code: zeroissues) and The Goofy Movie on Disney Plus!

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