273: Kraven the Deli Owner

QUITTERS!! The lot of ’em!!! That’s what superheroes are! And that’s what we’re talking about this week. Can you think of a hero that hasn’t, even for just a short bit, called it quits? It’s a small list. From Tony Stark and the sauce, Daredevil and his law career, Wonder Woman getting sick of life off Paradise Island, to Spidey and…. well…. every five minutes, heroes love to quit. We delve deep. Who quit and became a blind bartender? Who quit and became Black Beard? And so many more. Plus we talk news! There are comic cons going on soon….. uh….. ok. Black Panther delays. Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth show. And Merk delves into manga (a new thing for him) in a ‘read this now’. So don’t quit now! You’re almost there! Sit back, relax, click that button and listen to Kraven the Deli Owner serve up a lil’ bite of deligh …. ah… quit it.

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