244: Superman, Your Kid’s a Nerd!

It’s that time of year again! No not to get your fishin’ license and go looking for Aquaman! It’s Father’s Day this weekend! So we look at superhero dads who you may not have known had gone out & made a baby…. or two… or three… or 45 in the case of Wolverine. Is deadbeat dad his new mutation?!? We talk about that and kids from Superman, Batman, Colossus (Are you my papa, tovarisch?) and many more. We debate whether Tony Stark had a vasectomy at 25 or developed an extremis condom. Either is possible. And yes, we actually discuss it. We’re nerds. We also have a warm up bit with a game of 20 questions, and lots of news including Spiderman at the BLM protests, the police bizarrely using the Punisher logo, the new DC distribution deal and the sad passing of a comics legend, Denny O’ Neil. 

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