366: The Meaning of Christmas is Organs

Shocking news, everyone: it’s DECEMBER! But at least we’ve got some holiday specials to enjoy – starting with the Guardians of the Galaxy one that came out recently! Let’s watch that and talk about it, huh?

But that may not be enough holiday spirit for us, so let’s also pitch some special presentations of our own! Imagine, if you will: Nathan Fillion finally joins the MCU in an ULTRA cheery story straight out of the 1991 Marvel Holiday Special! Werewolf By Night and Man-Thing fend off burglars in a monster-ized “Home Alone” style adventure! A holiday card from The Thing kicks off a bizarre claymation-animated odyssey straight outta Marvel Two-In-One! Miserly Bruce Wayne is plagued by ghost Robins in a Wayne Manor Christmas Carol! Are you ready for… the Twelve Nights of What If…? And there are plenty more under the podcast tree!

The Meaning of Christmas is Organs

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