Classic Zero Issues 4: The Roast of Hal Jordan

The Zero Issues July Vacation Classic Spectacular comes to a close! As the boys try to remember how they got to the blue side of the Moon, enjoy what may be the most classic “classic” of all:

From beautiful downtown Coast City, it’s a star studded event filled with laughs, tears, masked vigilantes and utter humiliation! It’s the ROAST OF HAL JORDAN!! Yes, the Green Lantern is in the crosshairs of his peers as they celebrate this legendary hero while, simultaneously, tearing a strip out of the emerald knight! Join Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Kilowog, Guy Gardner and others as they… reminisce… about dear ol’ Hal. The early years. The awkward years. That mask that hides nothing… even his shame. Sponsored by Sinestro Industries.

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