Classic Zero Issues 3: Free with the Kisses

We’re still on vacation! This week we’re in freaking ATLANTIS!!!
So while we drown, you get to listen to Merk’s pick for a CLASSIC ZERO ISSUES episode….. Free with the Kisses….. that’s the name of it. Free with the Kisses. Not an offer. Well… we’ll think about it.
Here’s the original post….
It’s Valentine’s Day, Zero Issues style!! This week it’s short but sweet, as we dig deep into classic romance comics to perform a Dramatic Reading you… won’t…… forget. A dance couple in the big city! A smooth club owner with his eyes on the prize! A creep with a gullet full of chicken bones! And a big twist that adds a new element to the whole concept of reading comics out loud! Doesn’t that sound romantic!? (N… not really!)

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