294: A Mighty Allen Wind

Are you hungry for ridiculous comic book food content? WELL…. you’ve come to the right place.
The boys deliver an all food episode that is, well, delicious.
From figuring out what the Flash eats to power that lean, mean flashing machine, to figuring out how the Thing eats and…. what happens….
Who’s the best X-Cook?
Bry gets very excited by getting to select his disgusting TMNT pizza of choice!
Superhero cookbooks! Wolverine in a diaper! Superman’s beef bourguignon!
All that food plus news of Jupiter’s Legacy being (kind of) cancelled, Hulk & Venom switcheroo, Flashpoint Keaton, Merk’s bush chicken story (it’s a Bonaduce special!) AND we answer a big serious question from a devoted fan….well…. Kyle’s daughter…. who doesn’t read comics…..and never listens to us…. but it’s a question!!
Join us for this X-tra gross episode….
Brought to you by the fantastic folks at Rose N’ Crantz Roasting company. They’re much classier than us.

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