293: Let’s Two This Thing!!

In honour of… um, national flip a coin day…? We dig deep on everyone’s favourite district attorney and/or coin-flipping criminal madman, TWO-FACE! But it’s not as one-sided as it seems! What makes Harvey such a compelling character who’s been explored so deeply over the years? Who could have, should have, and did play Harvey on Batman ’66? What bizarre other versions and imitators of Two-Face have flipped through the comics pages over the years? What would happen if Billy Dee Williams and Tommy Lee Jones got together… in more ways than one? All this and so much more! And don’t change the, uh, podcast channel when you hear the outro theme, there may be a trick to this one.

But that’s not all, folks! We’ve got a Two-Face actor quiz! We’ve got a very special “MFK”! We’ve got new DC cartoons and a Darkhawks and Highlanders and everything. AND we’ve got a delightful sponsor, Rose N Crantz Roasting Company — use the promo code zeroissues for 10% off your order!

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