149: That Story Not Good Made No Sense

DEATH!!!! It’s all around us. Like cheese and poor customer service, but this week on ZERO ISSUES COMIC PODCAST we’re going head on, face to face, general seriouso, no bull$%#& with comic book deaths….. so …. really…. nothing…. because everyone comes back. Let’s talk about that! Also Kyle does a death quiz that Merk fails at miserably once again but it’s super fun…. to watch him squirm. And Merk does a Marvel trading cards death game! It’s all death all the time this week. Tune in to hear such horribly odd things as ‘Four Norm Macdonalds’, “Mysterios’ juice’, ‘Steel Wool Pubes’, ‘Geoff Johns loves Berries’ and ‘Point Bry-eak’. And warning… it’s starts off super gross and weird…. and gets only slightly less so as we go along. But it’s worth it for all the laughs. It absolutely is!! Join us!!

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