258: Hawkman Hits a Window

We pit the JSA against each other in a series of “Survivor” style scenarios! Green Lantern! The Flash! Atom! Hawkman! Sandman! The Spectre! Wonder Woman! Hourman! Black Canary! Dr. Fate! Which old-time superhero would survive being stranded in the woods? Working retail at Christmas? A galaxy-wide bar crawl with Hal Jordan? Social media? A Zack Snyder movie!? And more!!

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245: Frank Miller’s JO Challenge

My podcast this week talks about Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit. My podcast doesn’t think that it’s a very good movie. My podcast isn’t one of those other “bad movie” podcasts, though, it’s actually a comic book podcast, one that only on rare occasions dips its big toe into bad movies. My podcasts talks about the dad from Wonder Years being in this movie for the appropriate amount of time.

My podcast also features some hot new comic book news, and something in the Warmup that, if you didn’t know it yet, is new to you!

My podcast screams.

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