245: Frank Miller’s JO Challenge

My podcast this week talks about Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit. My podcast doesn’t think that it’s a very good movie. My podcast isn’t one of those other “bad movie” podcasts, though, it’s actually a comic book podcast, one that only on rare occasions dips its big toe into bad movies. My podcasts talks about the dad from Wonder Years being in this movie for the appropriate amount of time.

My podcast also features some hot new comic book news, and something in the Warmup that, if you didn’t know it yet, is new to you!

My podcast screams.

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Episode 17: Women in Comics – Going to GregLand!

Holy moly, this episode is about feminism, because some man decided that we all needed to see Spider-Woman’s butt. So we’re doing it! We talk about underlying problems in comics, and some of the people that are fighting to change them. We also make Merk (and you? And you!) read Shortpacked!, pitch a great-sounding Black Widow movie, and did somebody say quotes from the internet?

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Image Credit: Noelle Campbell for The Huffington Post