374: Don’t Wipe With Your Hook Hand

Injuries, illnesses, ailments and disabilities have a long, strange, and often impossibly temporary history in comics. Why are some characters permanently changed while others seem to have a revolving door of miracle cures? (We’re looking at you, Chuck!) Even by comic-book standards, how is Batman NOT dead? And hey, how about the healers, the nurses and doctors, the cast of Hotel Artemis? Let’s give ‘em all a hand —- just keep it attached, Night Nurse-Practitioner is busy enough as-is! While we’re at it, can you name all of Thor’s prosthetic arms? How many superheroes have lost limbs, anyway? Does Aquaman wipe with his, uh, hook hand? ALL THIS and a grievous bodily injury quiz that goes only as awry as usual! Get your spot in the Resurrection Queue, because things could get… traumatic.

Speaking of Krakoa: It’s X-Men election time! Wait… what’s that? That happened almost a week ago!? Well, uh, let’s talk about it anyway! Specifically, why nobody should vote for Juggernaut. BOOM, attack ad!! #JuggerNOT #hahabutseriously

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