359: Ted Talk

Man-Thing! Man-Thing! Man-Thing! Say it THREE times into a mirror…. and you’ll be asked to leave that public washroom. Trust us.

With Werewolf by Night appearing on Disney+ comes the MONSTERS!! And with the monsters….TED!! aka Man-Thing! In the warm up we discuss Werewolf by Night (spoilers, yo) and all the scary coolness it has to offer, including someone’s favourite…. MAN-THING!  THEN….. for our main topic…. MAN-THING! We take a listen to Power Records’ 1974 release of The Man-Thing:Night of the Laughing Dead….. and get ready for a ride. This one is DARK. Far darker than you’d expect (warning-there is depiction & talk of suicide). Clowns. Carnivals. Hippie kids. Seedy motels. And of course MAN-THING. There. We’ve said Man-Thing 8 times in the blurb. Well…. nine Man-Things now. Doh! TEN!!! Ok. Just click ‘n listen why dontcha!?!?

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