360: Clamatoween – Taste of Clam, Form of Tomato

Halloween is upon us! To celebrate the spookiest day of, let’s face it, a pretty spooky year, Kyle challenges Merk & Bry to a haunted journey to get more Clamato for their Bloody Marys in a Halloween spectacular CHOOSES THE DOOZES Giant Size Classic! Strange things are afoot on the way to the Circle K! Will a graveyard shortcut bring them to their goal, or will they run afoul of Jack Kirby’s Clamato Gang… or Count Duckula… or the Frankenwolfmanstein… or maybe a portal to Vampire World!? This twisted web has many spooky —- and frankly, inappropriate —- threads, dear listener!

But the scares don’t even start there! Thunderbolt Ross lives once more through the performance of ol’ Indy Solo himself, Harrison Ford! Recounting the latest Terror in the Bay horror festival! We have a nice li’l chat about a Halloween-themed DC horror anthology, Terrors Through Time! Archie gets Mad – Mad Max, that is, in Archie vs. the World! And hey sure, let’s talk a bit about Black Adam’s reception while we’re at it!

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