338: All the Batmen

Batmen! Batmen! Batmen! Say it three times in a mirror while holding a baby robin and a bat in your pants … and nothing happens. Well maybe rabies. That’s another urban legend.
This however is the legend of the Batman! Or Batmen, rather, as we discuss all the bat-movies and all the bat-people. We ask questions like ‘What do Batman movies keep getting wrong about Batman?’ or ‘Which movie makes Gotham Gothamy enough?’ And we go through a series of hard hitting questions, ranking the Batmen to deem who is on top! Questions of batmobiles, who has the best butt, the best nipples and who would win in a fight (and many more ridiculously insightful tidbits)? So join us to get your Gorshin Portion, a peek at the Gotham waterslide, and figure out what’s your Keaton number?

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