317: Butterscotch Wolverine Hawkeye

Or Toga Hawkeye day.
Or Butterscotch Wolverine Hawkeye day.
Whatever. It’s Clint Barton Day (And Kate Bishop!). We’re celebrating the release of the Disney+ MCU Hawkeye series by talkin’ Hawkeye! The good, the bad, and the horrible (costumes in particular). We’re talking arrows, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Thunderbolts and that time he was head of security for Cross Technological Enterprises.
We talk about Clint being the dick of the team but somehow still lovable. The infamous Fraction/Aja run.
And fart arrows. Yea. We go there.
All that and lots of news about Sexy Rudd, a new Shazam comic and Superman becoming Captain Britain!
And celery day. We’re still talking about celery day.

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