300: Somebody Says Something Stupid and That’s the Title

WOW!! 300 episodes!! It’s a big moment for these three little nerd boys, so to celebrate talking about comics for 300 maniacal podcast episodes, we do something a little different and ply deep into each other’s psyches with a list of questions….. to discover just how geeky we are. So 5 questions each from the three of us and then we put the call out…. ‘Ask us anything! Give us your queries!’…. and BOY, DID YOU!!! And we answered ALL OF THEM!!!! Plus: if you sent in a question, you were entered to win an art prize pack from the three amigos here! So join us, won’t you, for a (slightly) extra long episode of wackiness and reflection and deep dive comics madness! (and check out our special homage to godfather Todd’s iconic Amazing Spider-Man #300)

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