225: As Long as Jon Cryer gets Punched in the Face

Let’s ARROWVERSE the %^$# out of this! Crisis! The end of Arrow (Bry is ecstatic!). A spoiler filled exploration of the CW trainwreck that we kinda like…. kinda….. plus so much more! The Marvel Hulu debacle! Obi Wan does Weekend at Bernies! Old Man Picard! Old Man Gambit! CW beard! Spectre Crackhead! Luke Wilson is hot again! We go gagga over Brandon Routh’s hot bod! Kyle has a new game and it’s got Burt Ward all over it. And real life intrudes! Kyle is stuck on the highway and calls it in! Will he get to the show?!?! Will he make it out alive!?!? Or will he be the shell of a man?!?!? Tune in! Same ZERO ISSUE time! Same ZERO ISSUE channel!

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